1. The rooms and apartment are equipped with TV and minibar (only for the drinks bought from the guest house bar)
2. The rooms and apartment accommodations are for 2 persons. The apartment is located on the ground floor, has underfloor heating and consists of living room, bedroom, bathroom equipped with thermostat battery and hairdryer.
3. The 9 rooms are located upstairs, have heating radiators equipped with thermostats and are divided as follows:
  • 4 rooms with double bed and extra bed (sofa)
  • 3 doubles;
  • 2 rooms with 2 single beds;
All rooms have balconies, bathrooms with shower cabins (except room #5, which has a bathtub), thermostat battery and are equipped with hair dryers.
4. Children up to 12 years can be accommodated with parents without paying accommodation costs, but during the accommodation period will have a copy of the birth certificate with them (to benefit the gratuity).
ACCOMODATION DISCOUNTS (except weekends and legal holidays):
  • 5% for 2 nights;
  • 10% for 3 nights;
  • 15% for 4 nights;
  • 20% for 5 nights;
These discounts are only for tourists checking in on Sundays (Check-in: from 15:00 and check-out on Friday, 14.00).
5. For holidays and special events, prices will be updated according to the package requested (promoted) to the data.

Accommodation features:

1. Terra Nova guest house is located on the river Lotru (Muntenia area, northern Valcea county)
2. Capacity is 20 beds in 9 rooms and one apartment
3. Central heating (depending on temperature variations, we use heating at night even though daytime temperatures may be higher)
4. Living room (with underfloor heating) equipped with TV, fireplace and a small library
5. Restaurant (capacity 40 persons), complete with a bar, dance room (equipped with TV) and extension with a terrace (equipped with TV), only for accommodated customers
6. Wireless Internet
7. Fax
8. Playground:

  • interior, equipped with TV + DVD, table and chairs for writing and drawing;
  • outside (trampoline, etc.)

9. Sports field (football, volleyball, etc.).
10. Inflatable pools (diameter 4.5 m)
11. Garden / yard
12. Patio - renting the patio for intimacy in regard to the other customers costs 500 lei/zi
13. On-site parking; 14. Selling tourism promo materials;
15. Document copying;
16. Accommodations at other guest houses or restaurants, in other localities;
17. Organizing fishing trips.

Free services

1. Information on the provision of services, transportation, weather;
2. Waking up tourists at the requested time;
3. Delivering mail to the tourists;
4. Sending mail for the tourists;
5. Providing newspapers, magazines in the hallway;
6. Keeping forgotten objects and notifying the tourists;
7. Keeping luggage;
8. Ordering a taxi;
9. Sending late mail to the tourists address, after they leave our facility;
10. Helping tourists find accommodations in other places from the locality;
11. Providing promo and information materials;

NOTICE! According to the order number 636/2008, the bedding will be changed after every tourist, and for longer stays, it will also be changed every 3 days; the towels are changed every 2 days. For various situations, these can also be changed as required. The 4 and 5 stars accommodations require daily change of these items.

Catering Prices

(prices include V.A.T., not for half-board, complete pension or all inclusive)
  • breakfast: 30 lei/person
  • lunch: 50 lei/person
  • dinner: 40 lei/person
For our customers that don not want half-board or complete pension, Terra Nova offers an "A LA CARTE" menu.
Catering can be also half-board or complete pension, as follows
  • Accommodation with breakfast
    • 200 lei room for a single person
    • 220 lei for a double twin room/2 persons
    • 220 lei for a double room + sofa/2 persons
    • 400 lei for the apartment/2 persons
    • 49 lei for a third person, more than 12 years old (plus meals)
  • Half-board accommodation
    • breakfast and lunch
      • 320 lei room/2 persons
      • 500 lei apartment/2 persons
      • 250 lei room/single
    • breakfast and dinner
      • 300 lei room/2 persons
      • 480 lei apartment/2 persons
      • 240 lei room/single
  • Complete pension accommodation
    • 400 lei room/2 persons
    • 580 lei apartment/2 persons
    • 290 lei room/single
The prices include 5% V.A.T. and are valid starting December 10th 2018 to December 20th 2019.
Can be composed of smoked jerky, dried sausage (choice of frankfurters) bacon, tomato, onion, cucumber and olives, feta cheese (cow, goat or sheep) vegetable stew, jam or honey, butter. A choice of: tea, milk or coffee (espresso illy), and scrambled, fried egg or boiled eggs; A bottle of mineral water (Borsec 0.75l)
  • 1st course: meatball soup, beef soup (chicken, turkey or pork), bean soup in bread crust, tripe soup, vegetable soup, soup with dumplings or noodles;
  • 2nd course: stewed chicken, pork or beef, ciulama with polenta, cabbage with smoked meat, trout - grilled or fried, grilled chicken/pork with various side dishes, beef goulash, etc.;
  • desert is optional and is paid separately;
Dinner, consists of a main course
Since our business flow/model cannot provide distribution of fresh products directly at the pension, and to be able to satisfy our customers, the menu is discussed with the customers with at least one day before the meals, in order to supply fresh products.
Facilities for children
  • children under 3 years eat free of charge, provided that they have 2 companions (parents, grandparents), serving meals in the guest house; for those who have only one companion, the cost is 50% of what they eat;
  • children between 3 years to 12 years receive 50% discount from the meal price.
Eating schedule
  • Breakfast: 09.00-11.00;
  • Lunch: 14.00-16.00;
  • Dinner: 19.00-21.00
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